I am a developer/programmer in training, based in Sydney, Australia.

Work History

For 2011-2015 I attended the University of Western Sydney studying a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, earning high distinctions in Programing fundamentals, Database Design and Development, Programming Techniques, Technologies for Web applications, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Design Science. Worked part time as a clerk druing that time. Left UWS to enrol in University of Technology, Sydney in 2016.


I have been coding since switching from engineering/design in 2012. Some skills I know are:

Computer Skills

  • Familiar with Windows 7 OS, and basic knowledge with Mac and Ubuntu (Desktop and server).
  • Competent knowledge in C++, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, bootstrap 3, and PHP Basic skills with C, Java, Git, Oracle PL/SQL, and MSSQL
  • Limited knowledge with creating webpages with ASP.NET, Java Experience with web prototyping tools including Marvel, InVision, Microsoft Visio.


  • English (Main language) - speaking and writing
  • Japanese - Basic conversational/reading